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The CCCORPS (Citizens Coalition Concerning Open Responcible Public Service) is a grass roots citizens group that expects and demands a new direction in our basic local governance. A new level of service and new qualities with regard to leadership. We are willing to engage with a collective voice and ideas, and as such want to take our community back to an era of self governance where "of and for the people" has true meaning.

Open - Openess and transparency is paramount to the success of a community. We must have an open exchange of ideas and concerns, agree to disagree when such is the case, and as such have healthy debate. We must have government officials who; are not afraid to be on the record with all things, have open books, free access to it's citizens, and will listen to and treat all citizens equally.

Responsible - We must demand integrity and accountability from our officials. When mistakes are made they must be willing to acknowledge them and correct them. Fairness is not an option. We should demand adoption of a code of ethics for our officials and that they live by such as they govern. Nepotism, exclusion because of personalities and personal conflicts, malfeasance and misconduct, and selective enforcement of our ordinances, should not and shall not be tolerated. If such occurs the people have every right to speak out and seek resignations or in the alternative removal from office.

Public Service - Is exactly that, service. We must demand a return to the principles of officials serving us not themselves. We must look for leaders who at the grass roots level seek to be good public stewards not politicians in the like of Washington DC or Albany beltway boys (and girls). The demand by citizens is quite simple, we want Leaders in our community and will no longer accept Rulers.

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It's about time this Federal lawsuit gets fully exposed to the light of day, so maybe the village can finally move on from darker days, bury its demons, and move forward to brighter days. After a feeble appeal attempt, the original Jury verdict of guilty for violating the Constitution and the rights of Citizens stands as final vs. the following; Rick Slagle (former mayor, now code officer, $7000 salary), His wife Vickie (former clerk who was fleecing the village tax payer with the salary, reimbursements, and benefits she was receiving)[yes wife, for those of you that are still unclear about that fact], Tom Bartolo (former trustee & mayor), Greg Osman (Slagle's former code officer, $1000 salary), all personally and as officials, and The Board of Trustees only as officials (which at the time included Warren Gertsch (former trustee/deputy mayor).

Two of the saddest things that have come from this action is that one; these officials manipulated the rules concerning indemnification and this is part of the reason why they have suffered little consequence for their actions and also why the village has been caused financial harm. two, this is only the tip of the iceberg as to the overall corruption that has occured at their hands!

Don't believe the facts about the conclusion of this suit because of all the disinformation spread by those above, or because of the bias newspaper coverage, well read the court papers for yourself below:


Malta Vs Slagle et al US District Court Final Judgment




10/05/2009 18:44

The real reason for this article

Former Trustee Wants Real Reason For Change Post-Journal October 4, 2009 In the Sunday, Sept. 27, issue of The Post-Journal, Celoron Mayor John Keeney gave his reasons for changing the date of the village election from March to November. » Full Story   This article is outrageous on a number of levels, where to begin? How about we first take a look at the author, former trustee Mr Hallenbeck. We don't have the slightest clue what we has to show from his days as a trustee but we...


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02/15/2009 11:23

Village officials take over elections from Board of elections

We have very serious concerns about the village for the first time since ? taking the election process away from our County board of elections. This year the village is running it's own elections and where this may be legal and yes other villages do it, there is grave concern with why it was done, and how it's being conducted. First the reason; It was put to the public not for discussion but rather in a newspaper article to which village officials stated they are going to conduct the elections...


02/14/2009 14:37

Website launched

Our new website has been launched today. We are not a bi-partisan group, we are a non-partisan group. Tell your friends family and neighbors to visit and get involved. Too many citizens do not speak out and take a stand on issues as they feel they are alone. You are not alone, here you have an opportunity to participate with your concerns as a group and speak with a collective voice. Send an e-mail of interest and get involved today. BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE ELECTION NEWS LINK TOP...